Hoolalass Gear Lever Plug 11,5 x 4,8cm

Brand: Keep Burning
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Black / Yellow
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KEEPBURNING is a brand that uses innovative sextoys to take on the mission of bringing maximum pleasure to others, reaching the most shocking orgasms and give an experience like never before! All toys are highly suitable for individuals as well as couples.

KEEPBURNING "Hoolalass" is all about Butt Plugs with never before seen shapes! All of our KEEPBURNING Butt Plugs can be excellently transformed into an Anal Lock by using it in combination with the "Hoolalass Anal Lock". There are more than 10 different Butt Plugs available in the colours: Black & Black/Yellow and are made out of medical sillicones which comply to the strictest eu regulations. The Hoolalass Anal Locks are also available in the colours: Black & Black/Yellow

The Hoolalass Anal Lock is sold separately.

Total height: 11.5 cm
Insertable height: 7 cm
Diameter: 4 cm

Butt plugs with shapes never seen before! But they are not just plugs€¦ they can easily become anal locks - how?!, read carefully:

There are more than 10 different plugs available in black and black/yellow. They can easily become an anal lock by using them together with the Hoolalass Anal Lock also available in two colours: black and yellow. Hoolalass Anal Lock will hold your favourite Hoolalass plug while you are using it as a cock ring. Exactly! Now you have an anal lock. So, choose the colour of the Hoolalass Anal Lock and choose your favourite Hoolalass plug.

Hoolalass Anal Lock is sold separately.

KEEPBURNING is a mission with objective to help others enjoy themselves to the greatest extent possible, to achieve the most shocking orgasms, individually or with a partner, at their own pace. In order to largely spice up the action, to make it the fiercest possible, KEEPBURNING offers an innovative range of sex toys. Look, design, security, manufacturing€¦ The €œtoys€ are there to satisfy one€™s wildest promises, to make an individual experience unforgettable moments. This all while providing the best guarantee of hygiene found on the market.

- 100 % non-PVC silicone
- Affordable & accessible price range
- Hypoallergenic & medical grade
- Highest & strictest EU standards
- Manufactured in Europe
- Flexible & non-porous

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