All Black Steroïd

New: All Black Steroids Anal Dildos

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are excited to introduce our newest brand: STEROID. And just like real steroids, this new brand has only one goal: to take you and your fetishes to the next level with the new FLEXXX material! (no PVC)

About All Black

Discover the collection of All Black. With its recognizable deep black colour and the great care for lifelike details, these dildos and buttplugs provide a lot of excitement between the sheets for the advanced user. Absolute pleasure is guaranteed! For the dildos and buttplugs from All Black, lubricants based on both water and silicone can be used. For easier cleaning of the dildos and/or buttplugs we recommend a toy cleaner.

What versions and variants does the All Black brand have?

All Black focuses mainly on (fisting) dildos and (fisting) buttplugs of the larger size. The size and shape of the dildos and buttplugs makes them unsuitable for beginners. The dildos have a realistic appearance with attention to details, such as lifelike veins, not lacking. All Black's dildos and butt plugs are long and often have a thicker top, or they have a very wide end. The size, in combination with the many different structures, means that there is an ultimate pleasure rod for every advanced user that can give him/her everything!

Cleaning All Black dildos and butt plugs

Cleaning the dildo or butt plug is very easy. Rinse it, use a toy cleaner and let it dry. All Black products are ready for the next round in no time.