Silicone Sounds

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Maybe you have heard something about sounding in BDSM? Maybe you are even interested in it, but you do not know how to start. In any case, sounding has nothing to do with music or sound. Although some subs can make sound. I once had a sub who came to a spontaneous orgasm when the second sound was introduced. And that was certainly not without sound...
Sounding is part of "Nursery" or "Medical Play" and sounding involves the insertion of a narrow object into the urethra. These objects are called "sounds", "dilators", "penis plug" or "urethra plug". Other names for sounding include: cock stuffing or dilator play.

What is the purpose of sounding?

Sounding is typically a form of experience; you love it, or you hate it. Some people are horrified by the idea and others find the idea of being penetrated by their penis more than exciting. These men experience it as a sexual pleasure.
With sounding, you stimulate the urethra by penetrating it with dilators, which can give an exciting feeling. You can even reach the prostate in this way. Part of the experience is about the actual feeling, but also the ultimate interest of the Dominant for the cock, certainly plays into the sensation. Just like seeing the dilator disappear into the cock. The combination can be quite stimulating and lead to an orgasm.

But if you've never done it before, it's useful to find out more about it first. Because, as with many other actions, you can damage the urethra if you use it wrongly. And that, of course, is not the intention.